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If you want to run faster and jump higher, you need Strength.



It’s fun to experiment.


Who Gets to Go?

When New Orleans is the destination, what won’t people do to get there?

LWCC 2667-21 10.25x13.125.qxp

LWCC Workers’ Comp

Who says insurance has to be boring?

RUBEN Campaign for Web & PDFs


Even ads should dress for success.

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Shangri La Bleu

Let’s sail away.


Saint Thomas Neuro

When you’re feeling trapped, nothing could be better than being set free.



A good logo shouldn’t just sit there. Make it do something.


George Fuller III

If you don’t hire me, hire George.


200,000 Stories of Survival

Heart transplant patients tell their story, each in their own way.

TdL Poster FINAL 3.indd

Still Here

Other convention cities are still there. Fortunately, New Orleans is still here.


Jockey Bob

Does size matter? It depends.


Super Bowl 2013

Next time we send fancy boxes to NFL team owners, we'll throw in a fuse or two.


Safety on the Job

Though roughly presented for a tough working environment, the message is perfectly clear.


After the Storm

Katrina packed a wallop. From what we hear, this spot did, too.

CPR Business Cards.indd

Multipurpose Business Card

I once used the detachable tabs from one of these cards to stop a table in my favorite pho joint from wobbling.

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100% Satisfaction

Can you guess how many convention visitors have been satisfied by the music, food, and culture of New Orleans?

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Mother of All Bike Rides

Mom knows what’s good for you. Listen to mom.


The Jones Family

What happens when Dick and Jane grow up?


Enough to Worry About

How do you compete for the attention of film producers in Cannes? Maybe a little humor, with a pinch of empathy.


International Boatlift Exchange

Let’s lift all boats. Sounds like a good policy.

LEH 1169 8.25 x 10.875 FINAL 5.1.qxp

High Falutin’ Magazines

Broadening cultural vistas is possible for everyone in Louisiana. There's even a magazine for that.


Kids Meet Critters

There are petting zoos. And there are petting zoos.

Massey's Kayak 8.5x11 10.11.qxp

We’re Out There

Massey's only hires people who know their stuff. They're out there.


Never Played One on TV

Remember when doctors managed health care instead of bureaucrats?


It’s You

It feels good to give, doesn’t it.

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Digital City

No digital media can compete with the delights of life in New Orleans. Best to just hitch a ride.


How We See Them

Happy workers make productive workers, yet too many staffing companies only see quotas and a quick buck. That won’t make anyone happy.

USAE Ads.indd

Won’t Allow It

Yes, it’s a funny-looking athletic training shoe. But it works, and that's really cool.

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